Electro-deposited Copper Foil

  • Electro-deposited Copper Foil

We have a variety of electrodeposited copper foil products that are used for rigid, rigid-flex, flexible, high density, fine-line applications. Foil thickness ranging from 9µm (Qoz.) to 35µm (1oz.) are available that conform to the latest version of IPC-4562A.

ED Product Lineup



Low Profile Electrodeposited Copper Foils


  • Grade 1 and Grade 3 Copper foil for fine line patterning.
  • An etchability improved type of foil from JX-NMMC, bearing the following features:
1. Finer nodules: Finer etchability by less roughness
2. Larger surface area: Comparable board properties to conventional foil (JTCS)
3. Arsenic-free: Environmental-friendly


  • Grade 1 STD Copper foil best suited for fine line application with excellent chemical resistance.
  • Similar with JTCLC/JTCSLC, JDLC is also an etchability-improved type of foil from JX-NMMC.
  • It is best suitable for fine line application where peel reliability is strictly required.


  • Double-side flat foil with fine and ultra-fine nodulation applicable to applications where finer lines are required.
  • The JXHLP-II is also Arsenic-free (environment friendly) with ultra low transmission loss.
  • Shows an extreme level of flatness due to the both sides flatness of base foil and finer and more uniform nodular treatment.
  • A combination of both-side flat base foil and fine nodular treatment enables excellent performance in high frequency transmission properties.


  • JX’s Electrodeposited Copper Foil for FLex PCB.
  • Apply JX’s RA copper foil technology to ED copper foil.
  • Annealable base foil + fine nodule reverse treatment.
  • Has peel strength same as JX RA “BHY” which is the standard foil for FPC.
  • Although RA foils are known to provide optimum flexible performance, JXEFL copper foil has sufficient bendability for flexible applications, reasonable in cost and sufficient bonded strength.
  • Arsenic-free.