Management Message Mission

Masafumi Ishii

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JX Nippon Mining & Metals Philippines, Inc. is located at 117 East Science Avenue, Laguna Technopark, SEPZ, Biñan City, Laguna, Philippines. Since the start of our manufacturing operations in 1998, we have been producing high end Electro-Deposited Copper Foil (EDCF) and Treated Roll Copper Foil (TRCF) for printed circuit boards applicable to a variety of consumer products such as smartphones, personal computers, game machines and wearable devices. With the quality of our products, we have been supporting the market and technical demands of our valued customers worldwide in China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, USA and other countries for more than two decades already. Moreover, we as a distributor, are also supplying our customers with various kinds of Japanese-made plating chemicals for printed circuit boards and semiconductor industries.

Our corporate mission is to contribute ourselves to the development of a sustainable economy and society in the areas of energy, resources and materials. Through our diligent work activities for sustainable manufacturing operation along with continuous improvement and technical innovation, we are aiming to be the leader and reliable supplier of world class copper foil.

In order to accomplish our sustainable development goal, we put “Safety” as our highest priority. Our employees’ safety always comes first. This is reflected in our mission stated in the hierarchy of priorities: “Safety First”, “Quality Second” and “Productivity Third”. We all believe and know that Quality and Productivity come with Safety.

As for sustaining on-time delivery of our reliable products to our customers, we adhere to the implementation of our continuous improvement programs, diverse projects and creation of task force groups. Thanks to all employees’ endeavors and efforts on those work activities, we are able to successfully obtain ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 integrated certification in 2020.

Finally, it is also our corporate responsibility to take care of ESG: Environment, Social and Governance. We are committed to preserving the environment, protecting natural resources and managing recycling of materials. Earth is not an endless source of natural resources. It gets depleted with increasing usage. These natural resources are a gift to mankind which must be used sustainably for future generations. In terms of social responsibility, we manage relationships with our employees, suppliers, customers, and the communities where we operate. We too manage to use accurate and transparent methods and internal controls in compliance with laws to avoid conflicts. Our organization believes that behind profitability lies a high sense of responsibility which should be the major concern in the world’s evolution.

Masafumi Ishii