5S in our organization facilitates greater productivity, safety, and quality. The practice of 5S is not just a methodology for us but it is a culture that we built into our organization to have spontaneous and continuous improvement in our working environment and working conditions. It engages all our employees from top to bottom. It is our foundation for more self-discipline on the job for better work and better products.

In support of 5S is our Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) program. By empowering our operators, they need not rely on our maintenance people for simple machine conditioning thus, achieving autonomous maintenance. Our TPM program extends to our office personnel and they are compelled in identifying the wastes and losses in the administrative systems.

Behind our pursuit for product excellence is the active participation of the Focused Improvement Group, one of the TPM Pillars. We formed a Special Task Force (STF) group composed of managers, engineers, leaders, and operators from manufacturing and engineering departments to work on specific quality issues that we may have.

To further increase productivity, we make innovations in education and training. We ensure that all our employees are trained and their skills levels are raised to the point that they are able to carry out their functions excellently. We make sure that they are competent enough, providing them information and trainings to make them knowledgeable, skilled and behave in such a way that will boost more their consciousness and confidence towards achieving set goals and targets.