Safety and Health


While we focus on providing high quality products of copper foil and plating chemicals, at JX NIPPON MINING & METALS PHILIPPINES INC. we place the highest priority on ensuring the health and safety of our employees as well as other stakeholders and we strive to meet the following objectives in all aspects of our operations.

Create a safe workplace by establishing occupational health and safety management system and programs for all employees and other stakeholders, making it available to all interested parties.

Work to identify and assess hazards, and implement adequate controls to eliminate or reduce risks at an acceptable level in all areas of business operations to prevent occurrence of an incident.

Provide training, orientation and information to all employees and other stakeholders in order for them to carry out their duties in a safe manner and for them to actively practice “Safety First”.

Adhere to meet compliance with all applicable laws, rules, regulations and standards pertaining to health and safety.

Review our system and programs including the overall health and safety performance to ensure adequacy, efficient operation and continual improvement.